Magazine P(l)aythings…

January 24, 2009

So I’m going to doublepost today to make up for my many months of abscence…

It’s Ad Season!

One of the best parts of buying Vogue is not the editorials but rather the pages upon pages upon pages of beautiful ads teasing this little Muse with purses, sweaters, shoes, dress, jewelry… Seasonal ads are like the Picassos of the advertising world and the Mona Lisa’s of magazine pages. Without further adieu- Muses favorites…

Gucci- Winter ’09

In addition to the hippie style that I am SO feeling for the spring (peasant dresses and knee high gladiators anyone?), I like the creepy doll like poses and most importantly I like the fur. She looks like a Russian Heiress and they are just so darn glamorous.



Gucci- Spring ’09

At this very moment I am refusing to buy food in hopes that I can afford the purple dress and the killer stilettos. Well I’ll buy dog food for Jaasper but the spending stops there…



Alberta Ferretti got me with the cool girls in the bar ad… Everybody loves a fly girl with a drink in her hand. Especially if she she bought it herself.


STOP THE PRESSES. Not only do I love the “peepshow” tone of this photo but that dress needs to be plastered onto my body with the Gucci heels (see above) and onto some fabulous party. Like Yesterday.


I’m not really a Missoni girl but… School Pictures! Genius!


Prada has done it again. Not only do I want nearly everything in these ads but they make me want to study ad-chitecture because these are fabulous. And then more fabulous.



Finally Roberto Cavalli has managed to combine my love for the 1950’s as well as my favorite actress Marilyn Monroe. Many Cheers Cavalli. You win my best of Spring ’09.




Uber gorgeous fashion model Chanel Iman is making waves in the modeling world with her frank discussion about not only the lack of African American models in couture but even the lack of minority models also.


Iman remarks It’s not just black girls. It’s ethnic girls in general: Brazilian girls, Hispanic. You really don’t see a lot of Asians either. A lot of designers think that if every girl on the runway looks exactly alike, then people will come to the shows and buy the clothes because they won’t be focusing on the models…” Muse says – Phooey. There are some beauitful minority LEGENDS who know how to work the clothes so that they show off the designers creations. And let’s just be real, the fashion shows are not just about clothes anymore- models run the scene. My final note before I illustrate my point is that if you’re worried about the model upstaging your clothes- ur doing something quite wrong.

African/Carribean/Black/African American Models:


Naomi                                                    Alek                                                   Iman


Jourdan                                           Tyra                                                           Liya (my fav)

Hispanic Models:


Arlenis                                                Daniela                                         Sessilee


Cecilia                                                Camila                                           Bruna



Carol                                                               Kangana                                             Lakshmi


Du Juan                                                   Han Jin                                                Mo Wandan

And these are just a selection…. so no Arak Yeramyan, there are more minority models to choose from. You just don’t care to take the time to look!