The position of the First Lady as more than just a wife is certainly not recent- First Ladies throughout the history of the United States have been their husbands closests advisors, confidantes and even stepped into the light of policy themselves. But this blog isn’t about politics- it’s about fashion, and First Ladies are forced to be… fashionable!

Now being forced to be and actually going down in the history books as a style icon are two different things. Most people recognize Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Michelle Obama as leading ladies in fashion but they were not the first.

In the 1800’s  Dolly Madison explored European couture,


Frances Cleveland wowed the American public with her bare shoulders and décolleté,


Florence Harding pushes the envelope in her pants,


and we all know about the legacy of inauguration gowns.


First Ladies have held a visual postion showing off their fashion decisions and I would like to explore the two most talked about: Jacqueline Onassis and Michelle Obama.

Jackie Kennedy

539w this style of dress has become my number one fashion inspiration. I loves the 50 style dresses. Not only are they flattering over my curvy hips but they just look so classy and elegant.


jackie_kennedy-1Gorgeous Wedding Dress- Check out Vera Wang Spring ’09 to see the influence.


The pill box hat- claasic. Setting style.


Let’s us not forget how the style maven has changed our thoughts about “The Jackie O” Sunglasses. That’s a style maven!

Michelle Obama

Papers call her the modern Jackie Kennedy, the stylista of 2009 and magazines are clamouring over themselves to see if she delivers- and Mrs. Obama does not disappoint.



I for one love her ability to mix and match, she’s the true american dream girl. She wears J.Crew with her Prada, unknown designers with her Manolos…. Gap with ther Gucci. She’s one of us and she dresses like one of us and we can look up to her to see how we should do things.



She shared a cover with Lady O. The FIRST person period to ever share a cover with Lady O. I think that says enough.


The infamous dress that sold out from White House/ Black Market as soon as she hit the view:


She also tore up the campaign cycle with her fabulous outfits:

michelle-obama-silver-flatsmichelle-obama404_676280c michelle-obama_380x5001 <— love the detail on the skirt. michelle_obama0829-michelle-obama-dnc-thakoon-dress-fa011

And of course the inauguration

439px-michelle_obama_waving1 michelle_obama_shoes_jimmychoo


Isn’t she lovely?!?! Onassis and Obama… Outwardly Confident and Fabulous.