Shoe Love….

April 18, 2009

So I’m going to introduce my top five shoe styles for the Summer of 2009:

Art Deco

Colors and ribbons aren’t enough these days… this summer designers are putting out shoes that more than wearable- they’re street art. And who says fashion isn’t art?

lamb-495 L.A.M.B.  $490

louboutin-995 Christian Louboutin $995

louis-vuitton-785 Louis Vuitton $785

marc-jacobs-645 Marc Jacobs $645

prada830 Prada $830

Bandage It!

Back in Japan they used to bound feet because smaller feet were viewed as much more prettier… but since we know feet of all size look good in shoes- Summer ’09 is about fashion AND function. I totally support the change.

balhmain695 Bahlmain $695

manolo995 Manolo $995

opening-ceremony-405 Opening Ceremony $405

proenza-schouler-595 Proenza Schouler $595

sergio-rossi Sergio Rossi $670

39000_in_m Fend $615

Straps n All

They may look like torture devices but they look like the top of the line bonafide bad diva  torture devices that any fashionista would gladly put on for the task. Strap up!

fendi-830 Fendi $830

givenchy-795 Givenchy $795

jimmy-choo-785 Jimmy Choo $785

lanvin-110 Lanvin $1,110

loeffler-randall-695 Loeffler Randall $695

yves-sain-laurant-1290 Yves Saint Laurent $1,290

Part II to follow


The position of the First Lady as more than just a wife is certainly not recent- First Ladies throughout the history of the United States have been their husbands closests advisors, confidantes and even stepped into the light of policy themselves. But this blog isn’t about politics- it’s about fashion, and First Ladies are forced to be… fashionable!

Now being forced to be and actually going down in the history books as a style icon are two different things. Most people recognize Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Michelle Obama as leading ladies in fashion but they were not the first.

In the 1800’s  Dolly Madison explored European couture,


Frances Cleveland wowed the American public with her bare shoulders and décolleté,


Florence Harding pushes the envelope in her pants,


and we all know about the legacy of inauguration gowns.


First Ladies have held a visual postion showing off their fashion decisions and I would like to explore the two most talked about: Jacqueline Onassis and Michelle Obama.

Jackie Kennedy

539w this style of dress has become my number one fashion inspiration. I loves the 50 style dresses. Not only are they flattering over my curvy hips but they just look so classy and elegant.


jackie_kennedy-1Gorgeous Wedding Dress- Check out Vera Wang Spring ’09 to see the influence.


The pill box hat- claasic. Setting style.


Let’s us not forget how the style maven has changed our thoughts about “The Jackie O” Sunglasses. That’s a style maven!

Michelle Obama

Papers call her the modern Jackie Kennedy, the stylista of 2009 and magazines are clamouring over themselves to see if she delivers- and Mrs. Obama does not disappoint.



I for one love her ability to mix and match, she’s the true american dream girl. She wears J.Crew with her Prada, unknown designers with her Manolos…. Gap with ther Gucci. She’s one of us and she dresses like one of us and we can look up to her to see how we should do things.



She shared a cover with Lady O. The FIRST person period to ever share a cover with Lady O. I think that says enough.


The infamous dress that sold out from White House/ Black Market as soon as she hit the view:


She also tore up the campaign cycle with her fabulous outfits:

michelle-obama-silver-flatsmichelle-obama404_676280c michelle-obama_380x5001 <— love the detail on the skirt. michelle_obama0829-michelle-obama-dnc-thakoon-dress-fa011

And of course the inauguration

439px-michelle_obama_waving1 michelle_obama_shoes_jimmychoo


Isn’t she lovely?!?! Onassis and Obama… Outwardly Confident and Fabulous.


February 8, 2009

I am sooo infascinated with the gowns that flowed down the runway for spring 2009. I know inauguration season is past but there are always a million and a half reasons to wear a gown.

Long gowns for the spring, are flowy, flashy, and flowery.

blumarine blumarine – I heart the “belt”

diane-von-furstenberg Diane Von Furstenberg. The color palette is to DIE for here. It’s so funky-fresh.

giorgio-armani Giorgio Armani- **jumps up and down** I want it! I need it! I crave it!

narciso-rodriguez Narcisco Rodriguez- The bodice is the best one I’ve seen all season. I like the complicated top and the simple bottom. Gives people something to stare at.

robertocavalli Roberto Cavalli- the bottom speaks for itself. This is a work of art.

In undergrad a lot of the sororities and fraternies had balls and I was never one to wear the long flowy gowns but I loved short beauiful dresses and I like to think of how it distinguishes one from the norm!

louis-vuitton Louis Vuitton- Not exactly ball worthy but dammit if it doesn’ tmake a statement! This is one of those dresses where you find a place to go to.

verawang Vera Wang- My favorite! It’s both classic and innovative. Sexy and Demure. Fabulous and Fantastic.

hbz0108cl013-de-2038388I can’t remember who made this… and I wasn’t particularly found of it but hte shoes grabbed my attention!

Until next time.

Peace, Love and Happiness

January 30, 2009

So I’ve been thinking about occasionally adding a look book on here for how to physically match up some of the seasons hottest looks and today I actually decided to do it! So without further adieu- here is Muse’s version of the hippy look for Spring ’09. outfit3

The first one is uber casual. Toss on some aviators and you’re ready to go shop it up for Summers cutest looks. This is also probably the most “far out” of them all as it not only channels the hippies but it also channels in some old school denim and the elusive 2008 vest trend. Plus, who doesn’t love moccasins? I do think to keep the outfit very 2009, a large bag that says “statement” without screaming it (no bright colors, absolutely no patterns) will work.


This outfit is probably most me. I would throw on my big ole bug eye glasses and hit up Georgetown for lunch with the girlies. Very Boho but safely. I’m absolutely obsessed with gladiator sandals and while I like the flat pair Clergerie is calling my name about the wedges. Man I love wedges. However you decide to dress it up this outfit is about accessories. Bangles, Pendants, BIG belts, and shiny “look at me bags” are what brings spice to the outfit. And yes, the white skinny jeans are a must. One it’s spring and it’s time to bring the white out (please forget that white is for summer only old time rule) and the skinny jean allows you to show off the pretty first pedicure of spring.


Finally for those who are a bit dressier, I’ve included a cute and very sexy option of the minidress (you can also substitute a longer dress- billabong has a really cute off the shoulder dress). This dress due to it’s length looks so much more bohemian with calf length or thigh length (if you’re really trying to sex it up) boots instead of your normal short boot which might take you over to a nother side of sexy… bedroom sexy only. A small belt helps you to reign the dress in to emphasize your curves (or lack thereof if that’s your thing) but a big belt will make the dress look even smaller so try and go for small braided or studded ones. Finally, if you do a sharp boot do a sharp bag also to contrast with the style so you are so hippy dippy.

I hope you’re feeling the mood man, cuz fashion around here just got a lil bit sweeter…

til next time- grosses bises.

Magazine P(l)aythings…

January 24, 2009

So I’m going to doublepost today to make up for my many months of abscence…

It’s Ad Season!

One of the best parts of buying Vogue is not the editorials but rather the pages upon pages upon pages of beautiful ads teasing this little Muse with purses, sweaters, shoes, dress, jewelry… Seasonal ads are like the Picassos of the advertising world and the Mona Lisa’s of magazine pages. Without further adieu- Muses favorites…

Gucci- Winter ’09

In addition to the hippie style that I am SO feeling for the spring (peasant dresses and knee high gladiators anyone?), I like the creepy doll like poses and most importantly I like the fur. She looks like a Russian Heiress and they are just so darn glamorous.



Gucci- Spring ’09

At this very moment I am refusing to buy food in hopes that I can afford the purple dress and the killer stilettos. Well I’ll buy dog food for Jaasper but the spending stops there…



Alberta Ferretti got me with the cool girls in the bar ad… Everybody loves a fly girl with a drink in her hand. Especially if she she bought it herself.


STOP THE PRESSES. Not only do I love the “peepshow” tone of this photo but that dress needs to be plastered onto my body with the Gucci heels (see above) and onto some fabulous party. Like Yesterday.


I’m not really a Missoni girl but… School Pictures! Genius!


Prada has done it again. Not only do I want nearly everything in these ads but they make me want to study ad-chitecture because these are fabulous. And then more fabulous.



Finally Roberto Cavalli has managed to combine my love for the 1950’s as well as my favorite actress Marilyn Monroe. Many Cheers Cavalli. You win my best of Spring ’09.



Uber gorgeous fashion model Chanel Iman is making waves in the modeling world with her frank discussion about not only the lack of African American models in couture but even the lack of minority models also.


Iman remarks It’s not just black girls. It’s ethnic girls in general: Brazilian girls, Hispanic. You really don’t see a lot of Asians either. A lot of designers think that if every girl on the runway looks exactly alike, then people will come to the shows and buy the clothes because they won’t be focusing on the models…” Muse says – Phooey. There are some beauitful minority LEGENDS who know how to work the clothes so that they show off the designers creations. And let’s just be real, the fashion shows are not just about clothes anymore- models run the scene. My final note before I illustrate my point is that if you’re worried about the model upstaging your clothes- ur doing something quite wrong.

African/Carribean/Black/African American Models:


Naomi                                                    Alek                                                   Iman


Jourdan                                           Tyra                                                           Liya (my fav)

Hispanic Models:


Arlenis                                                Daniela                                         Sessilee


Cecilia                                                Camila                                           Bruna



Carol                                                               Kangana                                             Lakshmi


Du Juan                                                   Han Jin                                                Mo Wandan

And these are just a selection…. so no Arak Yeramyan, there are more minority models to choose from. You just don’t care to take the time to look!

Sweet Cravings

November 18, 2008


I thought I would share with you one of my favorite places on the net. I’m a Gucci, Christian Lacroix girl… I’m a Gap, Anthropologie girl too. I still love finding places on the path less taken to find cute clothing that you probably won’t see other people wearing. Unfortunately the task of finding all of these deliciously tasty places is just too much for the working (studying) girl so viola! Daily Candy has stepped in to fill my need.


Customized to your individual city needs, Daily Candy offers a plethora of tips on the hottest stores, websites, weekend plans and travel guides. Not to mention great sale advice. All it takes is signing up your email to get the tidbits to you daily. So… what are you waiting for? Come on in, the water is fine and fashionable.

The Hostest with the Mostest.

November 16, 2008

Hello World and welcome to my world….

An amazing friend of mine has been talking to me about how I needed to start a fashion blog and instead of resisting… I’m compromising. This blog will be a lot of fashion but I warn- I am not fashionable. I’m would like to describe myself and fashion mistaken. I kind of stumble into fashions by way of dressing myself in things I like by sticking to my 4code of fashion. My 4code of fashion is essentially what you’ll catch me in…. cute jeans, a white beater, a jacket and the best pair of shoes I can find on the market. Now don’t get me wrong I like to spice it up a bit, but if Vogue asked me what typical outfit is… that would be it. In my tiny little apartment I have 2 closets in my bedroom and both are filled with jeans and shoes. Sad but eh!

I do love fashion though. I love haute couture, vintage dresses, and shoes. I stick to the style channel and watch the runway shoes in the US, Paris and Milan and I’ve made it to a few tent shows in Bryant Park thanks to some wonderful fashion intern friends (love you Caitie and Liss!) but I’m mostly too lazy.

So… that’s me in a fashion nut shell- on to the goods 🙂