Peace, Love and Happiness

January 30, 2009

So I’ve been thinking about occasionally adding a look book on here for how to physically match up some of the seasons hottest looks and today I actually decided to do it! So without further adieu- here is Muse’s version of the hippy look for Spring ’09. outfit3

The first one is uber casual. Toss on some aviators and you’re ready to go shop it up for Summers cutest looks. This is also probably the most “far out” of them all as it not only channels the hippies but it also channels in some old school denim and the elusive 2008 vest trend. Plus, who doesn’t love moccasins? I do think to keep the outfit very 2009, a large bag that says “statement” without screaming it (no bright colors, absolutely no patterns) will work.


This outfit is probably most me. I would throw on my big ole bug eye glasses and hit up Georgetown for lunch with the girlies. Very Boho but safely. I’m absolutely obsessed with gladiator sandals and while I like the flat pair Clergerie is calling my name about the wedges. Man I love wedges. However you decide to dress it up this outfit is about accessories. Bangles, Pendants, BIG belts, and shiny “look at me bags” are what brings spice to the outfit. And yes, the white skinny jeans are a must. One it’s spring and it’s time to bring the white out (please forget that white is for summer only old time rule) and the skinny jean allows you to show off the pretty first pedicure of spring.


Finally for those who are a bit dressier, I’ve included a cute and very sexy option of the minidress (you can also substitute a longer dress- billabong has a really cute off the shoulder dress). This dress due to it’s length looks so much more bohemian with calf length or thigh length (if you’re really trying to sex it up) boots instead of your normal short boot which might take you over to a nother side of sexy… bedroom sexy only. A small belt helps you to reign the dress in to emphasize your curves (or lack thereof if that’s your thing) but a big belt will make the dress look even smaller so try and go for small braided or studded ones. Finally, if you do a sharp boot do a sharp bag also to contrast with the style so you are so hippy dippy.

I hope you’re feeling the mood man, cuz fashion around here just got a lil bit sweeter…

til next time- grosses bises.


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