November 19, 2008

One of my favorite fashion women in this world is Cassie.



Sure some may argue about her talent (I LOVE official girl), but she’s got the body of a model and looks good in just about anything she throws on. Her style is impeccable and I’m officially a fan because of it.

8d19c950 She wears LIME green and kills it! I’m sorry but not everyone can pull of bright colors.

cassiegucci Another example of her colorrificness.

SPL62001_001She also really rocks the rocker leather look which I’m really starting to get into. 

cassie-2 Being a shoe girl myself I must admit that her shoe collection is amazing and I am constantly in search of the shoes she has…

Singer Cassie attend the launch of Madison Square Garden's new series "NYC Sound Tracks" at Metrazur Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal on July 1, 2008 in New York City.For instance, I begged for these Valentino shoes as soon as I saw them on her. What’s good for Cassie is good for me.

cassie-1 I also like that she can be daring and sexy without looking skanky. Although granted you can’t do that shirt if your Vicky Secrets is a size C and above.

cassie1 Another example of classy not trashy.

My final reason that I love Cassie’s style is that she’s not afraid to be bold. I can live vicariously through her until I decide to come out of my shell.

prada screening outside 090908Short length, a bunch of colors- it works!

cassie This outfit is not for everyone. I repeat: 

cassiebootsPatent leather thigh high boots!!!! It works though because she keeps the rest simple and let’s the boots do the talking.


Anyhoo- hope your day has been fun, fabulous and fashionable.


Until next time, grosses bises


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