The Hostest with the Mostest.

November 16, 2008

Hello World and welcome to my world….

An amazing friend of mine has been talking to me about how I needed to start a fashion blog and instead of resisting… I’m compromising. This blog will be a lot of fashion but I warn- I am not fashionable. I’m would like to describe myself and fashion mistaken. I kind of stumble into fashions by way of dressing myself in things I like by sticking to my 4code of fashion. My 4code of fashion is essentially what you’ll catch me in…. cute jeans, a white beater, a jacket and the best pair of shoes I can find on the market. Now don’t get me wrong I like to spice it up a bit, but if Vogue asked me what typical outfit is… that would be it. In my tiny little apartment I have 2 closets in my bedroom and both are filled with jeans and shoes. Sad but eh!

I do love fashion though. I love haute couture, vintage dresses, and shoes. I stick to the style channel and watch the runway shoes in the US, Paris and Milan and I’ve made it to a few tent shows in Bryant Park thanks to some wonderful fashion intern friends (love you Caitie and Liss!) but I’m mostly too lazy.

So… that’s me in a fashion nut shell- on to the goods 🙂


One Response to “The Hostest with the Mostest.”

  1. Et Cetera said

    😀 You are the most effortlessly stylish person I know. I, for one, am really excited. I will add a link. Don’t make me have to beat you to get you to update this thing!

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