En Vogue….

November 16, 2008

The one trend I’m latching onto this week and not letting go is lace.

Lace jackets, lace shirts, lace tights… you name it. I want it. It’s uberfeminine, sexy, and can be safe for work and work functions if you play your cards right. And by right I mean not skanky.

This dress for instance by Thurley $695, is not safe for work:


May I also add that we not pair it with silver pumps? Let the dress do the talking and keep it simple.

This top by Diane Von Furstenburg $275


is very safe for work provided you pair with a nice pair of slaks or a skirt, a cardigan, and a belt.

Another safe for work option is this jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs $470:


which I would personally dress up for a night of sushi and drinks with some skinny black or silver jeans, a white tee and some tall black heels.

All of these of course can be mixed and matched with some cheaper items, as well as you can finnd similar items for not so steep prices (i’d check forever 21 and h&m first).

til next time- grosses bises.


4 Responses to “En Vogue….”

  1. Et Cetera said

    Is it strange that I like the dress? lol

  2. Muse. said

    no.. but i love it and you!

  3. Muse. said

    it being your liking the dress….. I’m having a great influence.

  4. Et Cetera said

    lmao! You really are and I love it! And you!

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